Dark and mysterious soundwaves that intrigue the mind, body and soul.
Lord of Bass is a producer and remixer that encompasses those elements in a single track.
Born and raised in Greece, he has led along musical path that has been the seamless core
to his energy and sound. 
The early sounds of trance and techno influenced him to find his own sound.
Inspired by the evening’s mysterious beauty, his dark and edgy sound
has come to make club patrons across the globe dance until the morning light.
His professional dj live set with exquisite partners gives a multidimensional twist
with impressive results.
His edgy view into the music scene delivers a presense that infatuates the people. 
As an accomplished producer and remixer within his genre of hardstyle trance and
techno, he has received simultaneous airplay from radio stations such as:
  • Powermix fm radio - Greece,
  • Hard fm-Holland,
  • Technobass-Germany,
  • Rise FM-Denmark,
  • Selecta Radio-UK,
  • RadioNetwork-USA,
  • Hardbass Fusion-USA,
  • Trance Radio-Switzerland,
  • Nu Energy/Hard dance net-England,
  • Radio Akropolis - Canada, and more.
With a series of upcoming projects in store, Lord of Bass will be taking his production skills
to another horizon by bringing it full circle.
As the international dance scene continues to take notice, Lord of Bass will give only the best
& unique part of his music.
Lord of Bass has 15 releases so far , and hundreds of remixes
(official and unofficial) for various artists worldwide.